Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A Sales Leader Will Have Strength of Character

Leadership part 2: A Leader may have Strength of Character.

"I have found nothing more important than this Quality" said John C. Maxwell the writer of "Leadership 101" and "Developing the Leaders around you." Another author D L Moody describes the exact same attribute as "Character is what you are in the Dark" meaning the way you act if you are alone and unobserved, instead of the faÃ�§ade you may well be presenting as you hide the blemishes in your everyday performance. Character is your unique identity, it guides your activities and the way you communicate the sum total of what we call your Personality. A persons character may be either good or bad. And there are followers for both types but here we are focusing on the qualities exhibited by good Leaders. Once we say a person features a strong character we mean someone who exhibits qualities which are considered to be good ones these generally include:

Honesty, Integrity, Devotion, Self Discipline, Perseverance, Conscientiousness, Patience and a powerful Work Ethic. An individual with an excellent character features a solid reputation, whose word is his bond, who carries out his obligations to his family, employer and his friends. He respects his neighbours rights and he upholds the Laws of his country. However do not be daunted by this listing of good attributes or feel that you're not destined for Leadership as a result of it as you fall short on several them. First realise that no person o this planet is ideal, but according to Maxwell serious character flaws should not be dismissed as they'll eventually meet up with you and undermine your Leadership hold on your group or team and render you ineffective.

There are signs the period up the clear presence of weakness of character that could cause you to become an ineffective Leader, as follow:

Unable to produce decisions.Leader

Failure to generally meet deadlines or work schedules. (If they're of your own making.)

Unfulfilled obligations.

Not having the skills to accomplish the tasks you've to do.

Making excuses for shoddy work or performance.

Unable to take criticism.

1) Think that change of any of the above is possible. At the turn of the last century a Harvard professor completed a study that proved the folks may change their behaviour and habits. Obviously this does not necessarily happen overnight but you can begin the changes by taking stock of your present situation rather as an inventory of your characteristic responses to those I listed for a powerful character above. You will need some time of quiet introspection to accomplish this. It's an activity that is helpful since it will give you a starting point from which you can assess your improvement as you focus on the attributes you wish to strengthen. In causeing the self assessment it's very important to follow the advice of the ancient philosopher Marcus Aurelius when he said "To Thine Own Self Be True." You'll undoubtedly find that the grip on some of these characteristics is weaker than it's on others. So focus on the weakest and persist until you and other people can perceive the change.

2) Attitude. Listed here is a tip hat will increase the process of change for you. You will find that attitude may be the magic word that can help you change most of your behaviour. Your attitude to your projects, your lady, your kids, the situations because they arise in your lifestyle is going to be either negative or positive and by changing the negative ones into positives will change your whole outlook on life Matt Hart Betterworks.This can be carried out quicker than you think. A short course in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) will prove to you that you do have better choices in most of the areas.

3) Do Not Punish Yourself when you discover your weaknesses. No Leader who has ever lived has been perfect or was followed closely by everyone but there are a few very good ones you can decide to model yourself on. Pick your own personal favourite and emulate those things which make him an excellent leader.

4) Mental toughness may be developed. Because nobody may be all items to everyone there is likely to be criticism in your lifetime as a Leader. You need to manage to take it without being robbed of your drive and energy. Study the specific criticism with a very good head. When it is correct welcome it, for this allows you to change for the better. When it is incorrect ignore it.

5) Self Improvement ought to be ongoing throughout Life. You have found that nobody is perfect. You have made a sincere assessment of the potency of your qualities. You have found that change of the self is possible. You have also found that the Key to Change is'Attitude.' Now you know a good attitude towards your projects, your lady, your loved ones, your team and yourself could make you an excellent Leader.

One of my favourite sayings which I repeat often to keep myself on course is this, "You are able to help people most in this world by making probably the most of yourself."

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