Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Estimating the Cost of Wood Privacy Fence Installation

Fence costs are calculated as a cost per linear foot. The best way to estimate the price is to find out the expense of just one fence panel and then multiply that cost times how many panels required to achieve the total period of the fence.

First, assess the perimeter of the region to be enclosed - while achieving this make note of any special situations that'll influence to cost such as gate(s) or difficult terrain. In case a fence already exists that will be replaced with new materials then simply count how many fence panels which can be present. Wood privacy fences are more often than not spaced with posts 8 foot apart on center (this means the measurement from the center of one post to the center of a nearby post is 8 feet) but always measure to confirm.

Lumber is available in standard 8 foot lengths and supplies a balanced solution of cost and strength.

Spans more than 8 feet will more than likely suffer with sagging unless the 2x4 cross beams are upgraded to 2x6 dimension - and also this changes the look of the fence panel.

Spans shorter than 8 feet are generally not necessary, the fence will undoubtedly be stronger but materials cost increase substantially.

When there is a need certainly to set the posts at some other length, be sure to choose an increment of 2 feet (i.e. 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot etc... ) otherwise installation will demand every cross beam to be cut to length.

What about the premade panels offered at the local do it yourself store? These premade panels are often produced from pressure treated pine with three cross beams which can be 1.5x2.25 inches and frequently sag after installation. The cheap fence panels could be suited to urgent repair purposes but are not recommended for use when installing a fresh or replacement fence.

Wood fence posts must certanly be pressure treated and rated for ground contact. Galvanized steel fence posts offer longer life after a higher initial cost for the post and the post rail brackets which can be required. Many homeowners dislike the look of the steel posts but this can be overcome by a simple coat of paint or wrapping the steel post in a wood enclosure.

The fence rails should really be 2x4 lumber from pressure treated pine or cedar wood. The style of privacy fence and the decision of wood utilized on the pickets can have the greatest impact to the aesthetics of the wood privacy fence installation. The essential privacy fence contains 3.5 inch wide dog-eared pickets placed on a single side of the rails; this style requires 24-25 pickets between each post fence repair. Another option is to use the wider 5.5 inch pickets which requires 16-17 pickets between posts that 8 feet apart. Following the measurements are created, it is time to choose the materials for the fence.

With this information, the total materials cost for wood privacy fence installation could be put in to the fence cost calculator. Using the typical selections which make up more than half of privacy fences in the US:

· 8 foot UC4A pressure treated pine 4x4 wood post (quantity: 1, approx. $8 ea.)

· 8 foot UC3B pressure treated pine 2x4 wood fence rails (quantity: 2, approx. $4 ea.)

· 6 foot 3.5 inch wide western red cedar pickets (quantity: 24, approx. $2 ea.)

· 3 ½ inch 16d galvanized ring shank nails (quantity: 8, approx. $1)

· 1 ¾ inch galvanized ring shank nails (quantity: 100, approx. $1)

· 1.5 cubic feet of crushed gravel (quantity: 1, approx. $5)

This brings the expense of the typical wood privacy fence installation to approximately $71 per panel, or simply below $9 per linear foot. Other common fence designs increase the price using this baseline estimate of the privacy fence cost. The good-neighbor fence (where the pickets alternate sides of the fence, either picket by picket or panel by panel), shadowbox fence, and board-on-board fence styles both increase how many pickets. Cap and trip fence style has the clean look of a standard top edge between each post with the added cost of the very best rail. Lattice top privacy fences needless to say add the expense of the lattice.

This estimate is for materials cost only, if you are using a company to accomplish the work the total cost of the privacy fence installation project increase by at the least double. Constructing a wood privacy fence is the capacity of the typical homeowner, a good three day weekend of work with two guys can finish a privacy fence around the typical backyard and utilize the money saved on refreshments to savor work well done


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